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  • Updatable XML Booking Platform

Increase Sales

  • Multiple markets & distribution channels
  • New product type
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Experience the unique 'End to End' Solution that combines
the Advanced Online Travel Booking Engine of GS with

SAP Business One® + TravelOne®

Who we are?

Our international team consist of highly experienced experts in the online travel industry and we believe in thinking differently and are always challenging the status quo. The way we do this is to create carefully designed and simple to use products for our customers. So what we happen to do is to transform our business expertise into leading IT solutions for the travel industry. Our Advanced Travel Booking System will change the way your travel business works, no matter how big or how small your company is.


Offer your customers always the best air tickets suiting their needs with the best prices.
Our system does this by searching the air-ticket seller you choose.

Destination Management Companies Tour Operators
Online Travel Agents Airlines

Are you a Destination Management Company?

Offering great services in your Spot and seeking for a solution to share this with your partners?
With our system you can offer your services online. To whom you want. Make use of the chances by providing your services via modern XML-technology. So your partners can easily connect to you.
Sell your services via various channels (your own website, direct connections to your partners, I-Frame integrations,…) and manage prices accordingly. Based on what suits you and your business needs.
As the system is highly scalable, we support you regardless which size you are and help you grow.

You are a Tour Operator?

Struggling with the complexity of bringing your own products online to sell them via the Internet in realtime?
We have a proven robust solution that offers you a wide range of opportunities to do so. Configure your products as they are, define which offers you want to promote at which price. Even different on various sales channels.
Benefit from the modern XML-technology which offers fast online capabilities (e.g. include foreign content from your partners). While you still have control over your own content as you are used to.

Are you an Online Travel Agent?

Seeking for something to smoothly serve your customer over the entire travel purchase cycle?

Our system supports you by offering the best matching items in the search results from various providers. And allows your customer to combine it dynamically with any other touristic products that you offer by making full use of cross- and upselling capabilities.

With our various payment provider support and backoffice integration options we support you in supporting your customer.

Are you an airline and want to expand your business?

Why not sell packages combining your tickets with other travel products such as hotels, transfers, excursions etc? Build even tailor-made offers to support your dynamic utilisation-control.
We offer you a solution where you can do all this. Realtime. Dynamically.
And also via various sales channels like Websites, call centers, via mobile devices or external agencies, increasing the value per transaction by cross-selling foreign products of your choice to your air tickets.
Benefit from a robust system designed to offer you a wide range of possibilities to expand your business.

Business solutions

Regardless which size you are, we work hard to support your needs
And we build our software in a way to dynamically grow as you need it by scalable and flexible solutions.

No XML-Integration yet?
Upgrade your business to the “online world” now!

  • Manage your travel products and make use of our flexible pricing and sales possibilities
  • With our support for state-of-the-art XML-Integrations we offer you access to various providers and sales channels.
  • Maybe you want to benefit from our “Starter package” which includes all you need to move on?

No matter how small you are, we get help you to support you growing your business

  • Benefit from our “Starter package” which includes all you need to move on.
  • We deliver a white-label IBE you can use for your selling point in the Internet
  • Manage your travel products and make use of our flexible pricing and sales possibilities
  • Multi Provider supported. Choose the providers you want to work with
  • Minimize manual interaction by our full automated process support
  • Be always informed about your customer’s reservations - status information, payment information, GDS-information update
  • Manage travel packages - define packages by product per days of a stay and the system creates dynamically offers for your customers

Our full-blown solution will support you in various ways

  • Multi Provider supported - You can add as many providers of almost every type (GDS, Low Cost Carriers, direct Airlines, Bed Banks, Hotels Transfer providers, Insurance companies, etc.) as you need
  • Be always informed about your customer’s reservations - status information, payment information, GDS-information update
  • Manage travel packages - define packages by product per days of a stay and the system creates dynamically offers for your customers
  • Multi Payment Gateways, Bank Deposit and Credit Limit monitoring – Cash Terminals
  • Manage your multi lingual Geo Tree and benefit from our Ingenious Mapping for Destinations, Hotels and Airports
  • Different Booking Flows according to local market requirements
  • Manage your users access permissions to the administrations sections to show only what is needed
  • Hotels’ Providers and margins management per country / region / city
  • Manage a number of different distribution and sales channels, where you can decide what products at what prices are offered in which sales channel
  • Supporting different Booking Flows according to local market requirements
  • Multi IATA - multilingual and Multicurrency supported
  • Full flexible Air-ticket support:
    • Multi leg tickets (multi destinations)
    • Tickets combinations with flights from different providers (1 Booking– 2 PNRs)
    • Auto Ticket / Non Auto Ticket according to booking conditions
    • Commissions and over commissions
    • Negotiated fares
    • Manage fees per airline and per booking class

Why we?

By combining the travel-domain knowledge and technical experience we are able to develop and support a solution based on our system. With many years of international travel business experience our product management is eager to support you in this highly dynamically market by knowing your business processes. Because we know what works in practice. Our focus is to implement practical & cost effective solutions based on our clients needs!


Travel software solution

GS - online booking platform is an innovative, scalable and proven robust Online Booking System, fully customizable to organizations’ needs and strategy based on XML Schemas & Web Services, that distributes (via multiple channels) and manages tourism and travel related products. We think ahead – our updatable software is an life product which uses the latest technology in response to changing conditions in the travel business to keep you remain competitive and innovative.

To have multi…

  • Multi purpose filters for search results
  • Multi product types
  • Multi provider
  • Multi currencies
  • Multi product types
  • Multi Channels distribution & sales

To be flexible…

  • Bundle the best of many providers across the world real time with your own contracted products to create on demand packages for your customers wishes
  • Dynamic Packaging for all product types
  • Create tailor-made Static Packages the customer can extend according to his needs
  • Adjust pricing criteria online and in real-time (discounts, fees, margins, ...)

To sell more…

  • Optimizes your internet distribution
  • B2B & B2C. B2B2C , B2B2B
  • Cross- & Upselling hotels and other services
  • Buyers & Buyer group organizing
  • Hotel grouping to display unique hotels
  • Real time discounts, markups & margins and unlimited pricing policies

To have control…

  • manage complex supplier contracts for different products types in one place
  • complete control over a variety of complex scenarios
  • seamless access to search and book third party product providers
  • flexible mark-up and margin tools
  • easy load special offers, discounts and promotions
  • comfortable inventory and allocation management

To work seamless…

  • Integrates with third party product suppliers (CRM, Accounting, Controlling etc)
  • If you already use e.g. SAP B1, Panasoft or Travcom we can easily integrate our system in your business processes. Out of the box…

To be more…

Ask us for more!


Increased Sales

  • Address multiple markets & distribution channels B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2B2B
  • Extend your offers with new foreign products (air tickets, hotels, car rentals, ferries, Visa-services, travel insurances, excursions, etc)
  • Bundle your content dynamically with any of the above
  • New business opportunities like e.g. getting in contact with new partners

Reduced Costs

  • Making use of our SaaS model: Rather rent than purchase
  • Optimising your resources. No need for managing the IT yourself
  • Our „Pay-as-you-use“ principle for modules

High Flexibility

  • Scalable software that grows with you
  • Extendable system allows flexible adjustments in the future
  • Customized solutions can be added


Amadeus WorldSpan Galileo
Sabre Sirena Charterbilet RCC
SITA Travel Fusion Avia center
HotelBeds GTA Tourico
AcademService LOW COST BEDS DTServices (Rewe)
Travco MIKI Diethelm
ERV (insurance) A2B Transfers GIATA (content)
ForthCRS (Ferries) SAP BusinnessOne ERP Panasoft (accounting)
Travcom (accounting) Skyscanner (meta-search) (meta-search) (meta-search) Momondo (meta-search) Ostrovok
Farelogix S7 NDC hoppaGo
Affordable Car Hire TRUSTYOU TRAVCOM
Switzerland Travel Centre JacTravel AVRA
Der Touristik MakeMyTrip Hotel4u Meeting Point International W2M

Pricing Model

Lease the Software

“Software as a service” (SaaS) is transforming information technology today. We provide and manage the systems for you. No more worries about hardware and software costs, data security and server management. GS consolidate, simplify and assume the responsibility for your IT infrastructure. The costs are based on your current needs!

The unique benefits of SaaS:

  • Lower set-up costs - minimum initial investment - better ROI
  • No costs for hardware – Internet connection is all the infrastructure it is needed
  • Reduced time to market – fast deployment
  • Pay as you use – win business model
  • The SaaS vendor is responsible for upgrades, uptime and security
  • Integration and scalability
  • Painless proof of concept – Hands on functionality – Easy to use
  • Work anywhere


  • Product Type (e.g. hotels, transfers etc)
  • Air tickets Provider
  • Hotel, transfer or other Provider
  • Payment gateway
  • Backoffice integration (e.g. SAP BusinessOne –TravelOne)
  • Dynamic Packaging
  • Static Packages
  • Metasearch Integration
  • Implementation of new provider or web site(s) or mobile app
  • Annual Subscription Fee + 6 of hours support per year - 40% of set-up cost
  • Maintenance, Updates, Hosting & Support Fees for SaaS еxtra discounts will apply based on booking volumes
  • Support & Consulting - according to your needs
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